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HineBoss is a 3 day programme and looks at the holistic ways to cover all the fundamentals of starting a business which helps you to find your own answers and unleash your business potential. HineBoss can help individuals get more clarity around their business idea, articulate their vision, mission and values, understand business structures, make sense of their finances, look into ways of marketing a business, identifying who is required for your business to flourish and ensure individuals are balancing not only the businesses wellbeing but also themselves.

This 3 day interactive business programme has been designed to support small to medium sized business owners. The programme will give you practical tips and tricks to keep your business on track and guidelines to track your business.

The programme will support you, the business owner, both with home and work and will support you to create strategies to grow your business. The programme covers all aspects of running a successful business, managing money and staff.

Your convenient A5 sized work book is your personal business diary, which you can take anywhere. Consisting of 12 modules is uncomplicated with simple check lists and tasks including a business health check managing the 3Ps – place, people and profits.

The HineBoss™ programme value added services include a pre-programme interview to assess necessary support and resources you need; 3 day intensive training and workshops, evening home work requirements and a post-programme follow up assessment and support.

A few of the intended learning outcomes from some of the modules include:

Business Structure
Gain competency and understanding of business structures; be able to choose the most appropriate business structure for her business; gain an understanding of the IR tools available.

Building My Business
(Re) ignited passion for business; developed a mission, vision, values and goals that inspire action.

My Fabulous Finance
Gained an understanding of emotional attachment to money and its effects on running a business; analysed the financial requirements of running a business; created a spreadsheet that gives an understanding of the business income and expenditure for the last 12 months.

My Business Team
Gained a sense of the value of team members; identified who is missing from the team; created a plan of how to complete the team; identified barriers to success.

Customer Service/Target Market
Gained an understanding of the target market demographics; developed strategies to build the customer base; gained an understanding of good customer service strategies.

Marketing Magic
Developed a creative brief; demonstrated an ability to build a brand; identified which type of marketing works best for the business; created a marketing strategy; identified benefits of the business to the customers; identified the point of difference; analysed competitors.

Created a detailed account of income and expenses for the business; completed a cash flow statement for the business.

Work Life Balance
Recognised the important facets of life and work; developed a strategy to support success at home and in business.

Created a business pitch; developed presentation skills; developed skillsto analyse presentations; seen the business through others’ eyes.

My Year in Review
A clear understanding of the last 12 months of the business; evaluated what worked and didn’t work in the business; identified what was missing from her business; investigated an overview of last year’s finances; gained an understanding of the starting point from which the business will grow.

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Interested in Hosting HineBoss?

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