Loans Information

The Loan Process

Loan intakes where applications can be submitted are processed bi-monthly.

All applications are firstly screened to ensure all required documentation is supplied before being considered by an Assessment Sub Committee for recommendation to the MWDI Board of Trustees who, give the final approval of all applications for a loan.

Our Business Criteria, Application form and Supporting documents are available for you to download and read through, just complete details below.

If you meet all the requirements listed in the criteria then you may be eligible to apply for a loan, you can also contact our office directly to speak with one of our staff.

Below are the estimated dates for the next loan intake for February 2018 (at this stage they may be subject to change), if you would like to speak to someone directly or have any further questions about the loans process then feel free to contact our office directly on 04 4996504.

Loan intake dates for April 2018 submission close

29 May, 2018 – Loan application form and all supporting documents must be be sent and received by us by this date, any time after this date may cause a delay in the processing of your loan application to the Assessment Sub Committee, (please also make sure you are available to speak with us via phone as we will need to confirm certain details)

12 June, 2018 – Assessment Sub Committee meet to either recommend or decline loan applications to The Trustees.

25 June, 2018 – Trustees meet to approve or decline loan applications, (notification of any date changes will be put on the website).

Please fill out the form below to access our downloads section.


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